Most people do not understand what I live on and what I actually do. I find it equally difficult to categorize this in any way, but I follow a pretty simple rule: Do what you want, the rest will follow. And in order to keep an overview, I thought it would be wise to create this subpage here. Here you can find an overview of my current and long-term projects. Maybe some of them appeal to you and soon we will be able to talk or drink beer in real life in a very oldschool Face2Face. Anyway, I’m up for it.

A few of my projects at a glance

From events to podcasts. To classic photo walks and much more. There are innumerable projects that I have initiated in recent years alongside my photography. Most of them always had the occasion to bring people and their art together.

The Cologne event series BENHAMMER & FRIENDS

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month I invite 6 artists, who are friends or celebrated by me, to the VeedelClub for a relaxed art evening. There they present their photographs, their illustrations, their music, their videos, their designs or their speaking skills. During the stage programme you will learn more about the six artists and their work. At the flea market there will be art and the proceeds from the sale of the exhibition prints will be donated every evening to a different good and above all local cause. The entrance is free, the people are beautiful and the atmosphere is good!

Benehmen mal Albers
My weekly podcast about normal life. Together with moderator Simon Albers and occasionally appearing guests from our network. Entertaining, thoughtful, sometimes chaotic and sometimes maybe even socially critical.

My Cologne photo project “Auf ein Kölsch”

My documentary photo project for which I meet foreign cologners in their favourite places and talk about their life in the cathedral city while drinking 1,2,300 Kölsch beer. The aim is to produce 100 episodes and an own illustrated book for the city. With what makes Cologne so unique for me: its people and Kölsch stories.

My Fotowalk project “Road to Photokina” in Cologne

Our former photowalk which I organized together with Teymur Madjderey and which is unfortunately paused at the moment. It brings together photographers, models and people interested in photography once a month for a common Saturday in the city. Get some fresh air on our sometimes planned and sometimes improvised routes. We always end the day in the bar with a relaxed Kölsch with other creative people.

My online magazine: Hip Hip Hooray

My former lifestyle online magazine, which emerged from my blog and was discontinued by me in 2018. It combined design, technology, music, film and photography in regular articles on one platform.