Sometime, very, very early. It must have been 2012 or so, I started recording Skype talks. With other creative people. On Skype, with weird Skype add-ons. I published the talks back then here in the blog about Soundcloud. People like Simon & Paul were guests back then. Not that many people were interested, but I already enjoyed it back then. Nobody could have guessed that podcasts would really take off again. A short time later BENVENTURES, my first own podcast, followed. First on Soundcloud and iTunes, later also on Spotify. There were single episodes about photography and many interviews and conversations with entrepreneurs and photographers. At some point around 2015, the thing was even on number 2 of German business podcasts on iTunes. After a short podcast break I am back again. On behalf of our collective Chips & Champagne I’m again interviewing freelancers, creative people and entrepreneurs. The podcast is now available on all major platforms. 15 episodes are already online and some more are in planning. I still enjoy this podcast thing incredibly much.

Chips & Champagner Podcast mit BENHAMMER auf Spotify hören

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Not in the mood for Spotify? If you prefer to listen to the Chips & Champagne podcast via another provider or app, you can also get each episode from the following podcast providers.

Listen to old “Benventures” episodes on YouTube

With the switch to Chips & Champagne and a new podcast host, I have also taken the old BENVENTURES episodes off the net. They are no longer available on Spotify and iTunes, for example. But because I had so many countless guests, who all gave many interesting insights, I decided to “reupload” the old episodes on YouTube. So on my YouTube channel you can listen to the old episodes for free if you missed them back then.

Start your own podcast?

Weil ich der Meinung bin, dass es nicht genug Podcasts geben kann, habe ich über die Jahre auch immer mal wieder mein Equipment zusammengefasst und Empfehlungen für verschiedene Setups gegeben. Du kannst meinen Artikel zum mobilen Podcast-Equipment hier nachlesen oder eben auf Kit.co vorbeischauen.

Podcasts from and with me

If you are a regular visitor, as a podcast fan, you should have my podcast category on your screen. Here I regularly collect and publish additional information about my podcast episodes, the guests and the topic of podcasts in general. You can find the category via the hamburger menu under the item “Podcasts” or click here.