is a project I founded in 2020 for lovers of printed photography. The English-language website ranks somewhere between magazine and online archives for photo books, photo magazines and photo book crowdfundings.

The aim of the archive is to provide as comprehensive an insight as possible into the world of self-published photographic art. First and foremost we present the work of artists who have decided to publish their works in print. From the photo book to the magazine to the small loving “zine”, there are no limits to the number of submissions. From time to time there is also room for publishing works, but the main focus of the website is actually on self-published publications.

At the heart of the website is the so-called “submission form”, which any author can use to submit their work free of charge. We check the submissions for quality and completeness, translate them into English if necessary and thus make them available to an even larger target group.

Besides the publication on there is also a Facebook page and an Instagram account where interested photo book lovers can keep up to date. From time to time we also give away limited copies in public raffles. If you’re not on the social web that often, you can also subscribe to the free Weekly by e-mail and receive a small update every two weeks in your digital mailbox with the latest releases.