Days After

My illustrated book “Tage danach” was created in cooperation with the Cologne model “Katharina” and was photographed entirely on Ilford Hp5 black and white film. I used a Contax G2 with flash and two different lenses. Most of the pictures were taken in Cologne, but there is also some material from Domburg, Mallorca and the classic creative everyday life. Days After is a monograph with autobiographical elements. It is signed and limited to 1000 copies. You can buy it here with me.

Key data of “Days After”

Auflage1000 Exemplare
Format200 x 265 mm
PapierartSoporset Premium Offset
FotolaborMein Film Lab

Opinions & Press on “Days After”

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Bildband 2 vom Kölner Fotografen Ben Hammer