In 2017 I fulfilled my dream of my first own illustrated book with “Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER”. Two years later my second illustrated book followed with “Tage danach”. I financed both of them with the help of crowdfundings. Both are limited to 1000 copies and both are 100% personal and very biographical. Both are analogue photographed.

I’ve acquired a bit of a taste for it myself. And I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last two illustrated books. On the contrary. At some point the last chapter of the unconsciously created trilogy of Life and Death and Days After is still to come.

You can get information about both picture books on these two subpages. I am still happy about every support, every orderer and every bookshelf that gives a copy a new home. I continue to pack and sign each copy myself as a thank you for your support.

Bildbände von Ben Hammer