About Me

Hallo. Ich bin Ben, bin Fotograf und Fotoblogger in Köln und Du hast dich soeben auf meine Website verirrt. Hello. I’m Ben, I’m a photographer and photoblogger in Cologne and you just got lost on my website. Of course you are welcome to stay and you are welcome to browse around a bit.

Already in 2013 I discovered photography through my former art and culture blog and bought my first own reflex camera in the same year. A Canon EOS 550D. First of all because with it you could also film, which I never did.

Heute habe ich ein eigenes Studio in Köln, in einem der größten Künstlerhäuser der Stadt. Fotografisch beschäftige ich mich überwiegend mit Reportagen und Portraitfotos. In erster Linie von und mit Menschen,

Today I have my own studio in Cologne, in one of the largest artist houses in the city. Photographically, I mainly deal with reportage and portrait photography. Primarily of and with people I like. Whether it’s staff photos, event reports or concerts, it’s not that important to me. The main thing is that the people are exciting. Even after 7 years with a camera, one thing has not changed: My interest in people and the chance to dive into their lives with a camera.

2016 and 2018 my first two illustrated books were published with “Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER” and “Tage danach”. Filled with personal analog photography. I distribute the illustrated books myself and financed them with the help of readers from the internet on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. You can secure one of the limited copies in the online shop of Chips & Champagne.

  • Der Kölner Fotograf Ben Hammer mit dem Kölner Musiker Maxim im Red Bull Studio

In connection with my Auf ein Kölsch, Joseph Strauch and colleagues shot a small video portrait of my work.

Der Kölner Fotograf und Fotoblogger Ben Hammer in seinem Studio