The video for the crowdfunding of “Paradies” is here

Actually, I wasn’t planning on making a video for crowdfunding. Too big are the footsteps of my very first video, which was made with the help of Kristof. I was of the opinion that we could do it without a video this time as well. We somehow managed to do that with “Tage Danach”.

As chance would have it, however, Moritz Schinn is hanging out with me. The guy is not only since our podcast a quite gifted video man, but he also persuaded me a little bit that we should make a video after all. “Okay, good” I thought, because I like to be convinced. So I tinkered a little bit with Moritz about the idea and the set. Et Voila, there it is. My little “pitch” video for crowdfunding “Paradies” on Startnext.

I’m glad that Moritz persuaded me, looking at the result like this. For a long time now I haven’t perceived the studio as “beautiful”. Especially the B-roll may have even led me to fall in love with the studio a bit again. I am actually very happy with what Moritz has conjured up in such a short time and how beautiful it looks. Thanks for that Boi.

Make “Paradies” possible on Startnext now!

Have fun watching and thanks for the support! For a direct comparison I have attached the video from the time when all the fun started. You can then decide for yourself which of the two videos or books you like better – I really find it hard. Love them both.


The video for “Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER” from 2016

Paradies Crowdfunding Video
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